L5R RPG : The Shadow of Hoken

Group 2 - Adventure Log #1

Session 1/17/2011

Game 1 Minutes: (5 days before the tournament)
- Party met up in Meidouchi with Miya Shintarou and Daidoji Akaji. Light information gathering, but relatively uneventful.
- The party leaves for Kitsune Mori Mura to investigate Agasha Nangen’s involvement in an alleged murder ring, and arrives 1 day later.

-Kitsu Kibou is seen in the village giving a lighthearted form of entertainment to villagers who have been going through tough times. Karl frowns on the display of magic, and Charlie jumps on the opportunity to flirt (collect intel).
-Charlie seeks an appointment with Doji Nire, and finds him to be a wealthy and unsympathetic traditionalist. Nire holds Nangen in high regard.
-Josh investigates the deaths, and finds that villagers have been the primary target, rather than visitors. The deaths which occur in town have resulted in bodies missing from the mortuary.
-Conversely deaths in the forest have turned up with bodies covered in tiny white capped mushrooms.

-Moto Xian believes that Kitsu Kibou has attempted to mend differences with his family and Tsuno, and unknowingly opened an unstable rift to the Toshigoku. He requests that Charlie speak to Ikoma Kousuke, the acting marshal to find the truth.
-Chuuda Aoiko, from the eradicated Snake Clan, was available to translate Moto Xian.
-Ikoma Kousuke agrees to evict Kitsu Kibou for the betterment of the village, and places Charlie as acting marshal. The Lion also informs Charlie that Agasha Nangen has been dead for over six years.
-Karl communes with air spirits to find that Nangen is heading into the forest. Josh communes with water to see Nangen drinking from the fountain.
-Investigation of Nangen’s house shows a building whose roof has decayed, and has various plants which are typically from the depths of Shinomen Forest. Chuuda Aoiko is brought to identify them, but she ends up taking samples for herself.
-Karl and Josh take Aoiko to the undertaker’s to examine a mushroom covered body reportedly delivered by Agasha Nangen just this morning. The Chuuda places her pipe on the mushrooms, and the pipe bends as if it were a live twig. She claims that the mushrooms are an evolved form of fungus that she has never seen before.

-Two Dragon Clan bodies arrive fresh from the forest, covered in tiny mushrooms. The party plans to return the bodies to the forest and go on overwatch, to see if anything will happen to them.



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