Bayushi Kasumi


Air: 3
-Reflexes: 4
Earth: 3
Fire: 3
Water: 3
Void: 3(2)

Honor: 2.5
Status: 2
Glory: 3.5

School/Rank: Bayushi Bushi / 4
Insight: 200

Advantages: Inner Gift (Foresight), Precise Memory, Large, Luck (2), Quick, Sage, Silent, Crafty, Crab Hands, Wary, Elemental Blessing (water)#

Disadvantages: Bad Fortune (Unknown Enemy), Brash, Doubt (Courtier), Obligation (Isawa Natsuko)#

Skills: Courtier 3 (Manipulation), Defense 1, Etiquette 3, Iaijutsu 3 (Focus), Kenjutsu 3 (Katana), Sincerity 2, Kyujutsu 3 (Yumi), Stealth 3 (Sneak), Investigation 1, Polearm 1, Hunting 2 (Tracking), Athletics 1, Battle 3, Acting 2, Calligraphy 1, Meditation 1, Horsemanship 1, Craft:Bowyer 1, War Fan 1, Medicine 1, Jiujutsu 1, Knives 1, Spear 1, Tea Ceremony 1, Calligraphy 1, Perform:Dance 1, Animal Handling 1, Craft:Cooking 1, Ninjutsu 1


Kasumi’s father was always disappointed with her telling her that she had no business being a Scorpion. She was barely passable at courtly skills.
“Your to tall! Basic at combat! You are more like the union of a Crab & Crane. Two non-complementary styles that will never make one good one. Prove to me that I shouldn’t become a Ronin & take this family with me before we become a shameful burden to our clan!”
He use to ask her,“Are you sure your our child?”

Isawa Natsuko & her Phoenix shugenja squad helped save Kasumi’s fleeting life after she was struck down & left for dead by The False Bokona, at The Battle on the Bridge over Drowned Merchant River!

Bayushi Kasumi

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