Akodo Konishiko

The White Widow


Air: 4
Earth: 3
Water: 3
Fire: 4
Void: 5 (Enhanced)
Honor: 7.9 Status: 4 Glory: 8.8
School/Rank: Doji Courtier 5 / Kakita Bushi 2 Insight: 275

Advantages: Benten’s Blessing, Read Lips, Languages: Moto, Sacred Weapon: Kakita Blade “Honor’s Wing,” Luck(1), Way of the Daimyo
Disadvantages: Idealistic, Lost Love, Obligation: Otomo Yoshine
(Bought off the Hostage disadvantage.)

School Skills
Calligraphy : 2
Courtier (Manipulation)(Gossip) : 7
Etiquette (Courtesy) : 4
Perform: Storytelling : 2
Sincerity : 4
Tea Ceremony : 2
Perform: Song : 2

Non-School Skills
Investigation: 2
Medicine : 2
Lore: Bushido : 3
Lore: Heraldry : 2
Kenjutsu (Katana): 5
Iaijutsu (Focus)(Assessment) : 5
Craft: Weaponsmith : 3
Kyujutsu: 3
Games: Go: 1
Games: Sadane: 1
Games: Shogi: 1
Lore: Maho: 1
Lore: History: 1
Acting: 1
Lore: Law: 1
Perform: Oratory: 2
Lore: Kolat: 1
Horsemanship: 3
Commerce: 1
Athletics: 1
Battle (Mass Battle): 5
Lore: Theology: 2
Meditation: 2


I did not set out to be so, but I am a bird of prey. I now have have two “wings” and they both bring ruin to the enemies of my clan.

Following the events witnessed at Morning Frost Castle:

Doji Konishiko sat slightly apart from her companions in a second story room at the Paper Lantern Inn, a newly empty sake glass in her hand. She stared out the window into the distance. “Hmm,” Korimitsu thought to herself, “I’ve never seen that one drink before… Nor have I seen such hate in her eyes, not even when she slew that river-pirate.” Then the Doji’s carefully painted lips caught the Kitsuki’s keen eye as she silently spit out a single word as if it was something that tasted foul…


Can you feel it Mirumoto? Can you feel my hate from here as I stare out this window into the night? Do you cower there in Shiro Mirumoto imagining that the brother of the boy you murdered sits in Kyuden Tonbo plotting his revenge? Do you feel guilt? Do you feel anything? Do you even remember my beloved Kintaro? I still carry the letter…
“Lady Doji Konishiko,

My name is Mirumoto Ichiro, son of Mirumoto Dogen. It is my unfortunate duty to inform you that I slew your betrothed Akodo Kintaro in a legal Iaijutsu Duel. Please understand that I was under orders from Togashi Satsu-dono and that I bear neither Lion nor Crane any ill will. Kintaro’s brother Akodo Daisuke is already seeking permission for a blood feud, our Justicars assure me that since your marriage had not yet formally taken place no further action is necessary on your part…”

No further action is necessary…We will see about that my Dragon friend.

Akodo Konishiko

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