Isawa Tetsuya

Phoenix Fire Shugenja


Air: 2
Earth: 2
*Willpower: 3
Water: 2
Fire: 4
Void: 2

Advantages: Elemental Blessing: Fire
Disadvantages: Haunted, Overconfident, Dark Fate

School Skills
Calligraphy (Cipher) : 1
Lore – Theology : 3
Lore – Shugenja : 1
Medicine: 3
Meditation: 3
Spellcraft: 4
Divination: 1
Iiajutsu: 1
Non-School Skills
Kenjutsu: 1
Lore – Shadowlands: 1

Fire: Katana of Fire, The Fires from Within, Mental Quickness
Air: Legacy of Kaze-No-Kami, Blessed Wind
Earth: Jade Strike
Water: Path to Inner Peace


Although no one saw him die in the dreamworld fighting Oni No Nangen, Tetsuya’s soul did not return to his body with the rest of his group. His kinsman consigned his body to the fire spirits and pledged to return his wakizashi and scrolls to the clan.

Isawa Tetsuya

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