Shiba Kenta


Air: 2
Earth: 3
Fire: 3
Water: 5
Void: 4

Honor: 4.7
Status: 1
Glory: 4

School/Rank: Isawa Shugenja 4

Advantages: Elemental Blessing (Water), Enlightened, Precise Memory, Large, Luck (2), Ishike-Do, Sage, Tactician, Void Versatility (Air)

Disadvantages: Bad Fortune (Secret Love), Lord Moon’s Curse (TN:15), Obligation (Isawa Natsuko/minor)

Skills: Calligraphy 1 (Cipher), Lore:Theology 1, Lore:Shugenja 1, Medicine 1, Meditation 1, Spell Craft 2, Etiquette 1, Investigation 1, Kenjutsu 5 (No-Dachi), Battle 1, Hunting 1,Kyujutsu 1, Athletics 1, Defense 1, Divination 1, Sincerity 1, Tea Ceremony 1, Jiujutsu 1, Knives 1, Horsemanship 1, Stealth 1, Lore:Elements 1, Polearm 1, War Fan 1, Spear 1, Staff 1

Spells: Path to Inner Peace (Memorized), Refection of Pan Ku, Tempest of Air, Fury of Osana-Wo (Memorized), Drawing the Void (Memorized), Touch of Emptiness, Sense Void, Regrow Wounds, Silent Waters, Be the Mountain, Heart o/t Water Dragon, Kharmic Intent, The Wolf’s Mercy, Suitengu’s Embrace, Void Strike

Kihos: Touch the Void Dragon


Kenta was always a day dreamer. Early in his studies to be a Shiba Yojimbo like his fathers before him he got into a fight while protecting a young Isawa. His superior size was just enough to give him an edge. When he walked her to her class the teacher looked into his eyes & what he saw scared him to the point that he decided to take direct action. The teacher had his master come in to talk to Kenta. They decided that if they can direct him further towards the water elements then they won’t have to worry about what they saw that day in his eyes! From this point on he is to learn the ways of the ones that he had always assumed he would protect. His duty is not done yet!

Shiba Kenta

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