Shosuro Shizue

Poor Defenseless Scorpion Courtier?


Air: 3
Earth: 2
Fire: 2
-Agility: 4
Water: 2
Void: 2
Honor: 1.6 Status: 1.5 Glory: 2.5
School/Rank: Shosuro Infiltrator 2 Insight: 152

Advantages: Ancestor: Shosuro, Dangerous Beauty, Minor Ally: Mantis

Disadvantages: Dark Secret, Failure of Bushido: Honor

Skills: Kenjutsu 3, Iajutsu 2, Tantojutsu 2, Acting 4, Athletics 2, Ninjutsu 3, Sincerity 3, Stealth (sneaking) 4, Etiquette 1, Courtier 3, Temptation 1, Investigation 2, Calligraphy 1,
Medicine 1, Craft Poison 1, Sleight of Hand 3, Hunting 1, Forgery 1, Defense 1

Weapon 1: Katana (Attack: 7k4, DR: 6k2

Weapon 2: Shuriken (Attack: 7k4, DR: 2k1 dice do not explode.)

Armor: Light Armor (TN: 25, Reduction: 3) TN 20 unarmored.


My face is my mask I will show no reaction.

“I regret to inform the court that we will not be hearing Yoritomo Manjuro’s poem as expected this morning.” Daidoji Gisei stood before her guests at Winter Court in her home doing her best to control the crowd’s mood. “I know we are all disappointed, I was very intrigued by the title: Glory of the Six Thunders…” Murmurs spread through the assembled courtiers, Manjuro was a brash but talented poet, what was his intent with this title? Everyone knows that there were Seven Thunders at the second Day of Thunder, Seven brave men and women of the great clans who stood against the Dark One and saved us all from One Thousand Years of Darkness. “I assure you that you will all have your fill of entertainment this day, if of a more <ah> traditional flavor. We have some fine works to present from my cousins of the Kakita Artisan school…”

“…Shizue-san…” (Some is looking at me, Sweet Fortunes why is someone looking at me…) My face is my mask I will show no reaction.

“Hai! You startled me Kitsuki-sama! My mind was… miles away…” (This woman is slightly older than I… she wears a green kimono with the mon of the Kitsuki Dragon family and … The mon of an Emerald Magistrate.)

“I said is there something different about you this morning Shizue-san?” She smiles at me disarmingly…
“Different….” Keep your cool Shizue… My face is my mask I will show no reaction.

“Hai, I have something of a perfect memory Shizue-san and I noted your appearance yesterday as you talked with the other representatives. You have such an excellent sense of style I wanted to take note of it for it will surely catch on.”

“Oh… ah, thank you.” Bakabakabaka you just couldn’t blend in could you?

“It’s your hair! You are wearing your hair differently! It looks beautiful today as well with the three pins instead of the four you wore yesterday.”

My face is my mask I will show no reaction. “Indeed you are correct Kitsuki-san. I ah… well this is a bit embarrassing…” I let myself blush like a first year student. “I gave that pin to a Kakita boy as a token…” (The Kitsuki can read minds, I am so very dead.) She is smiling at me, I am surely caught… My face is my mask I will show no reaction.

“Oh Shizue-san! I understand! I met Kakita Hideo when we were both so young, they are very charming boys!” I smile back and nod emphatically. “Well I do not want to miss any of our host’s entertainments, enjoy the rest of the court.”

I sat numbly through several plays and poetry readings and then retired to my quarters early feigning sickness. Later that night I slipped out of my room and made my way to the rocky cliffs. I scaled the rock face in the dark, the pounding surf covering what little sound I made. I rolled the large rocks aside and retrieved my hairpin from Manjuro’s temple.

Shosuro Shizue

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