Togashi Ayumu


Air: 2
-Reflexes: 3
Earth: 2
Fire: 2
Water: 2
Void: 3

Honor: 4.5
Status: 1
Glory: 1

School/Rank: Togashi Tattooed Order

Advantages: Blood of Osano-Wo, Clear Thinker, Perfect Memory, Elemental Blessing (Water), Hands of Stone, Inner Gift (Foresight), Large, Luck (1), Sage

Disadvantages: Bad Fortune (Unknown Enemy), Doubt (Craft:Tattoo), Hostage (Crab)

Skills: Athletics 1, Defense 1, Craft:Tattoo 1, Jiujutsu 2, Lore: (Theology) 1, Meditation 1, Staff 1, Investigation 1


(In a dark jail beneath a Crab clan castle. A Hida guard & his relief are making his final rounds before he hands over his keys.)
H2: So I hear that your going to a battlefield duty?
H1: Yes! There’s only about 4 left to watch & short of the food & water, the screams of the two madmen are all that breaks up the time. The other two are one very large goblin & a zombie, I think. The Kuni hunters come by once a week & drag those two off but for some reason they bring them back. The zombie does need food & water. So don’t forget to feed it as well or the Kunis get a little crazy. It almost died once. Rice ball or raw fish seems to be good enough.
(As they pass the third to final cells in the 2nd block. The relief double takes after they pass the cell)
H1: Know this block has been empty for months so I haven’t been down….
H2: Did you see that?
H1: Hu? What? Where?
(Both guards have weapons drawn & turn back to head for the cell.)
H2: Somethings moving in there!
(The first one checks through the open sliding view port. There he sees a tattooed monk doing katas in the cell.)
H1: HEY! Who are you? What are you doing in there? How long have you been in there?
(They start unlocking the cell door, still at full alert. Ayumu stops in position.)
TA: I am Togashi Ayumu, your guest! Katas I think. Humm, over two weeks I believe. It’s hard to tell down here.
H1: They’ve been looking for you all over the castle. They thought you escaped about to weeks ago. They thought you broke the agreement.
TA: Two of the guards thought it would be funny if they left me down here for a day. There was talk of people being moved. Reassigned or something. Maybe in the chaos they forgot or where sent away before they could get me back to my room?
(Hands the keys to his replacement & grabs the monks arm.)
H1: I have to get him to our lord before armed guards march on Dragon land!
(After they had been gone for a while the new head of the jail thinks aloud to himself.)
H2: But how did he go so long with out food & water?

Togashi Ayumu

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