Togashi Chimaru


Air: 2
-Reflexes: 4
Earth: 3
Fire: 2
-Agility: 2
Water: 2
-Strength: 2
-Perception: 2
Void: 2

Honor: 4
Status: 1
Glory_/_*Infamy*: 1

School/Rank: Mirumoto Bushi
Insight: 123

Advantages: Enlightened, Strength of the Earth, Luck (1),

Disadvantages: Brash, Infamuous, Lord Moon’s Curse (TN:15), Bitter Betrothal

Skills: Defense 1, Iaijutsu 3, Kenjutsu 3 {Katana}, Lore: Shugenja 1, Meditation 1, Theology 1, Kyujutsu 1, Equette 1, Investigation 1


Chimaru: “Father? Why did you take mother’s name?”

Taohoshi: “I was a Ronin for many years!”

C: “So how did you come to be with mom?”

T: “I was defending a small village that I had decided to live out my life in when we where attack by a group of bandits. During the final hours a monk turned the battle. For saving our lives we asked him what he would like.”

C: (A strange glow of understanding crosses Chimaru’s face) “You!”

T: (Without looking up from cleaning his swords)
“Yes. He laid out part of my future & with political power I have never seen a simple monk ever produce, I was given a wife & membership in a great clan. He said you would come soon after our joining & would have entry to the Mirumoto school.”

C: (A look of confusion crosses his face) “So I have a destiny?”

T: “We all do but as for us, we are at the point that he foresaw. He said he knew not if this would be good or bad. He just felt that it should be & that I would be happy the day I was asked about my name from a young man!”

C: “And you are.”

T: “I am!”

Togashi Chimaru

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