Tsuruchi Shun - Deceased


Air: 2
-Reflexes: 5
Earth: 1
-Stamina: 3
Fire: 2
Water: 3
Void: 2

Honor: 3.5
Status: 1
Glory: 1

School/Rank: Tsuruchi Archer

Advantages: Blood of Osano-Wo, Dare Devil, Elemental Blessing (Earth), Inner Gift (Foresight), Luck (2), Silent, Strength o/t Earth, Crab Hands

Disadvantages: Greedy, Fascination (Naga), Bad Fortune (Secret Love), Compulsion (visit Major Temple)

Skills: Athletics 2, Defense 1, Hunting 2, Investigation 1, Kyujutsu 3 {Yumi}, Jiujutsu 1, Lore: (Naga) 1, Lore: (Theology) 1, Lore: (Heraldry) 1, Etiquette 1, Meditation 1, Commerce 1, Stealth 2, Battle 3, Medical 1, Craft:Bowyer


Shun’s father traced his bloodline back to the Hida & Yoritomo clan linage. He was large, strong man & expected that he would have a son that would be big & powerful someday. He hoped he would led the Tsuruchi clan & prove the strength of his clan. But his first two born where to be girl & neither large but full of energy & spirit. Not a man to waist potential, resource or time he began training the girls so that his training plan would be refined. Hikaru & Shun where trained at an early age that there where weapons all around & mastering a weapon is a great goal, but one should know how to use the resources around them. Hikaru showed great potential for small melee weapons & Shun, the yumi. He forced them to cross train but had already began opening up avenues to the best teachers he could.

(One day Shun’s Master waked her in an unusual way)
Master: SHUN! Awaken, cause it is time.
(Startled, she jumps up. Yumi in one hand & a tanto, in the throwing position, in the other.)
(Quickly scanning, she spotted no enemy. No danger. No target.)
Shun: I’m sorry master but I have failed to strike it. I’ve failed my gen…..
(Cutting her off)
M: Long over. You finished a week ago. I have been asked a favor of. So you shall go help Bayushi Fumei. He is in Crab lands but for how long I don’t know. You will depart now!
S: A Scorpion? And you didn’t say how long I was to be away!
(Turns & starts walking off into the forest)
M: See! You’ve missed nothing & your right. I didn’t.
(He fades as if he summoned the morning mist to mask his departure. His voice fades on the wind as it seems to have gained great distance in no time.)
M:hurry or you may have to swim……..
(As Shun gathers her things. She checks & finds no trace of her master. Doing her best to achieve the same, she sweeps the area & then heads to the coast where she’s sure a ship awaits.)

Tsuruchi Shun - Deceased

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